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on 16
Now I am sitting on the chair and reading a book on English on the computer on the desk. I saw the calendar on the wall on my left. I am relieved because everything is going on schedule. I have been having one thing on my mind. It’s playing tennis on Sunday next week wearing new tennis-wear I bought on sale on the 10th this month. I often spend money on tennis equipment. The other day, I was on the train and found it on the Internet and bought it on the spot. I always have my smartphone on hand.


for 15
I have been reading a book for a few days. I bought it last month for myself. It’s a good book for both my job and my mind. I bought it for 5,000 yen. It is very expensive but has great value for the money and famous for that. I have a strong responsibility for my job and a need for skills for it. For one thing, I need higher programming skills. I’m waiting for the day when I am a skilled programmer for my company and my future. That is the reason for buying the book, I sometimes read commic books for a change and play tennis for fun.


at 15
This afternoon I got off the train at Shinjuku station and met a friend at the ticket wicket at the west exit at 1 p.m. We had an appointment to meet at lunchtime. When I arrived at the ticket wicket, he was already there. We smiled at each other. At first we had lunch at a restaurant. We sat at a table and looked at the menu and decided what to eat at once. There was a few waiting staff there. At a glance I found they were Chinese. They were not good at speaking Japanese but they served good dishes. I was surprised at the taste.


in 21
Now I am walking in the street in Shinjuku in Tokyo. In April, I’ll be staying in New York. I’m interested in working there not in Japanese restaurants or something but in offices in a group or a team. In my thought, I’ll have my own business in a few years. I have nothing in my mind in particular in what industry I’ll be. Anyway I can stay and work in my own place. I have been there once in the past. It’s very cold in winter especialy in the morning and night but in time I will think it’s not a big problem to live in the city.